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Established in 1983


Clean out your drains in no time.

You shouldn't have to deal with a tough clog all by yourself. With a staff of certified backflow testers and sewer and drain technicians boasting more than 30 years of experience, Pawlak Plumbing Inc. will get your drain clear in no time.


From manual snaking to high-powered machines, our team will use everything at their disposal to reopen your lines.

Drain work you can afford.

Don't think you can afford professional drain cleaning? Think again! On top of already reasonable rates, Pawlak Plumbing Inc. gives first-time customers $15 OFF their initial plumbing service. Speak with our staff to learn more and book a FREE estimate.

Complete drain cleaning and repair.

•  Certified backflow testing

•  Video camera sewer inspection

•  Sewer ejectors and grease traps

•  Storm drainage cleaning and repair

The quality drain service you deserve.

You shouldn't have to choose between quality and affordability. At Pawlak Plumbing Inc., our staff honors all manufacturer parts warranties and provides a one-year warranty on labor so you'll get the quality you deserve at a great price.

Snaking Drainage Drain cleaning